Siknaj, the priestess of the village is ready to take back all the treasures stolen by invaders. They are hidden in caves, but be careful : caves are brittle and you have to go fast before rocks knock your head !


Each room has a bunch of chests, and you have to open as many chests as you can before running out of time.

To open chests, you have to unlock them. Each chest has a little minigame, and when solved, you can finally get your treasures !

There are a lot of kinds of treasures :

  • Gold
  • Keys and bombs
  • Bonus Powers
  • Mask parts

And your main goal is to find and remake the only ONE sacred Mask : the Mask of Chaos and get your full power !

But there also are some other mask to help you. If you get all the parts of it, you can use it to get his power, like getting more gold in a chest, or knowing if a chest is trapped or not before opening it.

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Interesting game! I love the sound effects, keep it up. unfortunately I played it on a computer, and it seems to be better made for phones! Will have to give it a try some other time. Cheers mates! :)